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Where to Find the Best Aircon Specials Midrand Has to Offer

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Ac units don’t just keep your house cool in the summer.

They can also help heat your home during winter. In contrast to popular
belief, air conditioners aren’t that expensive to run. It may be a very affordable and energy-efficient method to warm or cool
your house if done correctly.

Heat Your Home With a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

A reverse cycle air conditioner is a cost-effective heating choice for your
house, only using around R1,80 to R4,50 an hour to operate, based on how big your aircon. It is significantly less than a number
of other styles of heaters. A 7 fin oil heater will cost you R3,00 per hour to operate.

If you start up each of three valves and operate at full capacity, it will last you 30 hours, so R8.16 per hour.

Maintaining the thermostat at 18°C during winter will be equally comfortable and cost-effective. Your aircon will function at its
most efficient level when you maintain this temperature. Every degree higher than 18 degrees could increase running costs by 10%.

A perfect climate control choice in the winter for open plan living spaces or medium to large rooms is a split system reverse
cycle aircon. To heat multiple chambers with a single outdoor unit, you could put in a multi-split system.

If you are contemplating whether to purchase a cool-only air conditioner or a reverse cycle model, we advise you to go with the
latter. The price difference is minimal compared to the convenience of being able to heat and cool down your house with a single
appliance with the touch of a button.

Want Help Finding the Perfect Air Conditioner?

There are many different aircon units available on the marketplace. How do you know
which one to select? The very first thing to do is to locate an aircon that’s highly rated in regards to energy efficiency. This
will help keep your monthly electricity bill lower.

Within moments, we can place you in contact with four credible ac installers in your area. No need to scour the web and hope for
the best. Our contractors are reliable, experienced, and capable to install, service, and repair any sort of air conditioning

Warm your home this winter with a reverse cycle air conditioner, and let’s help you locate the best deals in Midrand. Simply
fill in the quote request form, and we’ll introduce you to some of the very best local aircon installers. Instantly compare quotes
and save money by finding the best deal.

To find out more or to request four quotations from respectable providers, contact us on 087 551 3533. We’re ready to assist in
any way we can. Contact us today!